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PRED-208 – English subbed. My Wife Infidelity Creampie Video with Her Bastard Ex-Boyfriend – JULIA has been married happily for a while and she is planning to have a baby with her husband. One day, she gets invited to an old classmate’s party reunion, and since she has not been in one of those for a while she accepts… much to the jealous husband dismay.
Also attending the party is Katayama. And old acquaintance of Julia (fuck buddies). A bastard with a cock made of steel that never takes a no for an answer.
I really enjoyed this Julia video. The intro was seriously funny, especially that ovulation test bit that made me LOL hard, it was a proper “boy here we go” moment.
Julia’s acting was better than usual too and much better than expected. Her character was sorta believable and had substance with a very interesting development. The male actors were so good too.
The sex scenes were good and I can’t praise enough the director, he truly gave life to this movie.

Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: JULIA
– DVD ID: PRED-208
– Release Date: Dec. 28, 2019
– Runtime: 116min. (HD: 116min.)
– Director: Morutsukun
– Studio: PREMIUM
– Label: Elegance
– Content ID: pred00208
– DVD ID: PRED-208
– Series: xx NTR
– Languages: Japanese
– s120-subjav-[PRED-208]

[PRED-208] My Wife And Her Bastard Ex-Boyfriend – JULIA (subbed)
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